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About the Hospital

The conception and birth of a baby is the normal evolution of a couple that wishes to have a family, for all eternity.

But what if nature denies some couples the ultimate gift of motherhood and fatherhood? Genesis Athens Clinic's goal has always been to give back to infertile couples the smile and hope that they will be able to hold in their hands their own baby.

With state of art equipment and staff consisting of top scientists, Genesis Athens Clinic have managed to bring innovative changes in the sensitive field of health: assisted reproduction. Our doctors have gained international recognition due to constant upgrading and incorporating innovative technologies dedicated to patient care. Also, the clinic has established valuable partnerships and researched protocols along with various clinics of Europe and Australia, always sharing with them a common goal: assisting  infertility.

In the past 3 years, Genesis Athens Clinic has provided practical training to young scientists through an e-learning program, «Assisted Reproduction», which is implemented jointly by the University of Athens and the Hellenic Society of Reproduction Medicine. This program has been so successful that it was requested by the University of Bucharest too. Now, a lot of health professionals are being trained in Romania as well.


The greatest vision of Genesis Athens Clinic is to bring healthy and beautiful baby smiles into this world. Not only has this vision found fertile ground, but it also keeps on growing bigger, and thus transcending country borders.

The success rates of IVF to women of all ages are so good that more and more couples from around the world come to us to fulfill the biggest dream of their lives: to become parents. In this effort, each couple is treated differently depending on their needs. Our specialists, following their medical and psychological approach, are happy to provide their best in care and expertise to each one individually.

IVF is not a magic wand that will touch every couple and give them the gift of life, having a baby. This gift of life constitutes the Aim, Ambition and Vision of Genesis Athens Clinic. Our pursuit is to make the dream of every infertile couple who comes to us a reality.

In all our efforts to achieve our goals and fulfill the couples’ dreams, we have the most significant allies: Science, the latest development of Technologies and exceptionally qualified human resources. 


Ova Donation

The ovaries of some women do not produce eggs, for various reasons. The causes of ovarian failure may be the removal of ovaries during a previous operation, a congenital absence of ovaries, premature menopause, or even natural menopause.All these women (recipients) may now have a child using the eggs of an anonymous donor, which can be fertilised with the sperm of the recipient’s partner and then transferred to the recipient. Naturally, it is necessary to administer hormones to all women with ovarian failure, in order to create an artificial cycle and the proper environment in the uterus to achieve implantation.​​​​​​​

MD Surgeon Obstetrician Gynecologist


The aim of the special reproductive medicine unit at Vita IVF Clinics is to provide medical assistance to individuals and couples with fertility problems. For this purpose, we have set up a team composed of top medical scientists and biologists, all trained in medically-assisted human reproduction in Greece and abroad, as well as an embryology laboratory, with high-quality equipment and an ΙSO 9001:2000 accreditation.

Program Includes

First Appointment on 2nd or 3rd Day of Cycle for Medical and Assisted Reproductive History and
Medical Exams which are going to be done on the same day or to be scheduled on the following
days of the cycle such as:

Female Partner: Blood tests for hormone profile and infectious diseases, biochemical-
metabolic profile, thrombophilia tests, immunological assays and biomarkers, vaginal
culture, PAP smear test, Breast Examination, Ultrasound screening of ovaries,
endometrium and female pelvis, Hystero-salpingography, genetic diseases tests and
caryotype, laparoscopy and/or hysteroscopy if needed.

Male Partner: Blood tests for hormone profile and infectious diseases, biochemical-
metabolic profile, semen analysis and culture, semen assays, Ultrasound screening of
tests if needed, genetic diseases tests and caryotype.

Second Appointment on a determined Day of Cycle (before 21st Day) for the evaluation of the
exams results, the choice of the IVF method by Egg Donation is being suggested, the preparation
of the Egg Donation procedure and the appropriate Hormonal Treatment Protocol for the
Embryotransfer to be given by GENESIS ATHENS Clinic.

On the preset day of the same cycle (21st Day) or the 2nd Day of the next Cycle, the day of
START-UP Hormonal Treatment Protocol for the Embryotransfer, she will start being
administered pills per os, per day. Complementary medication may be given if needed.

Third Appointment on the 7th or 8th Day of Cycle for the ultrasound scanning and hormonal tests.
Fourth Appointment on 9th , 10th or 11th Day of Cycle, undergoing the same exams as on 7th Day.

She keeps on taking medication (pills p.o. or patches if needed), since START-UP Day up to 10th
or 11th Day of Cycle. On the day of the Egg Retrieval by the Donor the male partner should be
follow semen collection procedure and the day after if fertilized eggs are obtained by the IVF Lab,
she will also take additional injections, vaginal gels and pills for the embryotransfer procedure.

Fifth Appointment on the Day of Embryotransfer 3 or 5 days after the egg retrieval day from the
donor, if the embryos are recommended to be transferred in order the IVF Cycle to be completed.

Complementary medication should be given until the pregnancy test is done 14 days after
embryotransfer. The required legal documents and consensus forms must have been signed until
this day.

In case the exams have already been done or have sent to GENESIS ATHENS Clinic, in her
previous cycle, the start-up of the Ovarian Stimulation could be initiated on the 21st Day
of the current cycle or the 2nd Day of the next cycle, without an appointment is needed,
and the first appointment should be booked on the 7th Day as described previously.

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Estimated Total Cost

Program Duration: 21 Days

Estimated Total Cost

Although this estimate is as accurate as possible, the final costs may vary depending on the specifics of the patient's case and the outcome of the medical treatment process.