Eurodentica Specialized Dental Care

Greece, Athens

About the Hospital

EURODENTICA is synonymous to dental care without pain. Its certified and high quality services are provided by dentists who were specialized in the USA, Canada and Europe, and have contributed in making Eurodentica a leading dental clinic in Greece for many years.

EURODENTICA provides full dental health care to 7,000 patients per year, all year round. Services are offered seven days a week to children and adults as well as individuals with disabilities, in eight different dental specialties.

Eurodentica’s Specialized Dental Care was founded in 1991. The owners of the clinic are fourth generation dentists who started practicing in 1924. The Specialized Dentists of Eurodentica have treated more than 70,000 patients since 1991. 

«Our services are recognized internationally, » Ass. Prof. Kouvelas said, explaining that since July 2014, Eurodentica has been certified by TEMOS (Trust, Effective, Medicine, Optimised Services) accreditation regarding quality, safety of services and patient protocols in accordance with international standards, «which now creates other possibilities for attracting dental tourism, but also for increasing confidence. »

Disable people as you already know are extremely difficult dental patients.  Only 20% of United States dentists are willing to work with disabled patients.  According to a survey in Europe, 7,4% of the population has a disability which makes them people who avoid their visit to the dentist.

Professor Nikolaos S. Kouvelas, a former President of International Association of Disability and Oral Health is not only sensitive to people with special needs, but also aware of the best and proper, high-level treatment required for them.

All of our dentists, periodontists, endodologists, posthodontists, oral surgeons and implantologists, have a great experience working with patients with special needs and are able to treat them under sedation.

The treatment of people with special needs is made possible with sedation, which is provided by an anesthesiologist. Patients who have a  difficulty communicating, (people with mental retardation, autistic) are treated by our specialized dentists, like any other patient.  The main part of their treatment takes place during a long appointment (4-5 hours). This is also done for other difficult cases of patients – phobic patients, those with a severe gag reflect, and generally, patients that cannot collaborate with a dentist.

We are more than pleased to be of any assistance treating people with special needs who are willing to travel  from their countries  to Greece. 


Situated in the center of Athens and overlooking the Acropolis, it is one of the most modern dental-medical centers and one of the few specialized polyclinics in Greece and Europe.


Eurodentica is extended to over 500 m² on two floors, with eight fully equipped rooms  and  highly skilled staff  who have  been trained in the USA, Canada and Europe. 


1) Aesthetic Dentistry

2) Maxillofacial Surgery

3) Endodontology

4) Paediatric Dentistry

5) Periodontology

6) Prosthetics / CAD-CAM (Robotic dentistry)

7) Dentistry for people with disabilities

8) Orthodontics

9) International Patients Department


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Paediatric Dentistry
Kouvelas S. Nikolaos

Department of Implantology

How effective and reliable is the implant therapy?The first dental implant was placed by Dr Branemark in 1960s. For the last few decades, implant is considered to be one of the most reliable and preferred treatment modalities in dentistry. The esthetic and functional outcome created by the dental implants is spectacular, compared to metal ceramic fixed dentures.Implant therapy has been in use for a number of decades and has proved its immense value over the use of full and partial dentures. The firmness of the new teeth created by implant therapy is superior compared to any other replacement tooth technology.Dental implants do offer significant benefits for teeth replacement. They look and function just like normal teeth and when implant supported bridges are used to replace teeth, they do not need any support like other commonly used treatments, such as fixed bridges or partial dentures that can be removed easily, depend on the support of adjacent teeth.There are some significant additional benefits. Through the use of implant technology, the bone mass is maintained as the dental implants are thoroughly integrated into the jaw bone. This assists in maintaining the bone structure which is very important for facial shape. The other alternative is the removable partial denture or fixed bridge arrangement but in this case, some of the bone that surrounded the tooth roots previously may start to deteriorate.In the longer term, however, implants are far more aesthetic and useful and also much more comfortable compared to other tooth replacement options. Dental implants have proved their worth and provide a long-term benefit for any missing tooth  and if they are looked after properly can last for the rest of a person’s life.
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All Ceramic Porcelain Crowns

Crowns without metal: is a crown that is made from  ceramic and provides a more natural coloring for the tooth. It is an aesthetic improvement from metaloceramic crowns

Nicolaos Tselios


The specialty of Prosthetics can nowadays restore the masticatory, aesthetic and vocal function of teeth in patients who, for different reasons, have lost it irreparably.

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