Why Us

Top Executives, Top Hospitals

VitaBooking works only with the best hospitals and healthcare institutions and makes sure that your treatment is performed by excellent, certified doctors and highly qualified health professionals ready to offer you the most useful advice, as well as first-class services.

Precise information, no surprises

You know the exact details of your treatment plan. Before you make a reservation, you have an overview of what to expect. Once you have booked your visit, you have a detailed schedule of activities, people who will treat you and other pre-requisites.

Before making your reservation, you will receive a detailed breakdown and information about the cost of your program.

You are not dealing with procedural issues

You can concentrate on the purpose of your visit and your holidays, taking advantage of the ancillary services offered by VitaBooking:

  • transportation to and from the airport
  • general movements
  • translation of documents for nursing use
  • interpretation

Cost savings up to 90%

As an example, artificial insemination (IVF) in Greece may cost between $8 - $10k, while in the US the equivalent figure may be over $20k. VitaBooking has signed agreements with selected hospitals so that scheduled treatments can be offered at special, premium prices especially for its customers.

Combination of recovery and holidays

At VitaBooking we have already considered how saving money by choosing our services enables you to combine physical recovery with recreation. That's why we've designed holiday package offers  you can select along with your treatment plan right from our platform.


VitaBooking is a member of HTG, a fresh dynamic group of companies whose mission is to transform the visit to Greece into a unique experience characterized by physical and mental wellness.