Fertilland Pharma

Fertilland Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that aims to provide physicians and patients with a reliable choice through the most effective, innovative products that reach the international fertility market. Our mission is to provide couples with the information and education they need to make the best possible choices. ​​​​​​​

With a strong commitment to an integrated approach to reproductive health issues, a clear scientific background to health and a deep knowledge of human fertility issues, George Anagnostakos founded Fertilland Pharma in 2014.   He has a passion, extensive experience and networking in the global fertility market with over 25 years of experience, having held senior management positions in multinational pharmaceutical organizations. He has extensive expertise both nationally and internationally and is a Consultant on Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva.                                                             

An established leader and strategic thinker and with distinctions in the healthcare industry, is the creator of the GFA – Global Fertillity Academy (a global training program for health professionals dealing with infertility) having created, developed and managed global strategic projects for fertility.

Fertilland Pharma cooperates and represents commercially large companies based in Switzerland, Austria and Hungary, which have enormous specialization, R&D and the availability of treatments and products for women's health.

The company operates in 3 sectors

  • Distribution in the Greek and Cypriot market of the most innovative drugs and supplements with circulation in the global fertility market.
  • Through Fertilland Consulting, it has established an international network of clients specializing in human reproduction (Global Customer Network) mainly with EU countries (Italy, France, England, Germany) where through medical tourism, it attracts couples for fertility treatments, with a competitive advantage of the legal status and competitive prices of Greece in the services and prices of medicines.
  • In collaboration with Gedeon Richter, the international awareness campaign for the preservation of fertility "I sosti stigmi (The right time)", in order to encourage couples or young women to Greece to solve issues related to their fertility

The expansion of the company's activities includes:

  • The achievement of new partnerships with major companies abroad in the development and distribution of new technologies and medicines for the integrated management of women's health.
  • To make widely known at a European level and not only, the health services provided by Greece on fertility issues through Fertilland Consulting.
  • The creation of the Fertilland Fertility Academy, a project that aims to provide educational support to young scientists/doctors in new technologies related to human reproduction, through programs for the exchange of knowledge and experiences with major international IVF centers abroad.

The company attaches great importance to its social role. At the heart of our business development, we have placed human, the modern couple and their right to childbearing.

Fertilland Pharma will always support their effort to make together the future of Greece more fruitful.