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Greece, Athina

About the Hospital

Dr. Ioannis Lyras is the director of a clinic of plastic surgery in a modern  hospital in Athens. Patients are offered high quality services at all levels, including detailed consultation for the person concerned by Dr Lyras and his team preoperatively. Also the patient feels maximum security since everything is performed with perfect coordination. In addition, a pleasant stay in a modern clinic for as long as it is needed is provided as well as complete preoperative examinations to ensure the safe outcome. Last, excellent postoperative monitoring is provided for as long as it is necessary.

The excellent Greek climate, all year round, is an advantage to the patient, who can combine holidays with great aesthetic embellishment. The medical services are of high quality standards and so the patient can experience all the beauty and warmth of the country, while seizing the opportunity to make any cosmetic surgery desired with excellent and impressive results.

The entire process is really interesting and wonderful  from the beginning to the end, which will always be remembered as a pleasant journey since all operations are performed safely, painlessly and with amazing results!

For everyone concerned, the experience of plastic surgery sounds like a fairytale ... as it can make their desires come true. That is the case in this clinic, this is what actually happens. Plastic surgery has the power to change one’s mood, increase self-confidence and provoke smiles.

Dr. Ioannis Lyras’s medical team with the doctor himself, a very experienced doctor with inexhaustible sources of inspiration, can guarantee to patients the desired results every day!


Which is the right age for each surgery?

Younger generations are already conscious regarding what modern aesthetic, reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery can offer to bring about beauty and result in rejuvenation.People of all ages have needs in terms of their appearance. Every person interested can be easily categorized into six groups. Sampling will mention a few cases such as:

1. Infancy: 0-2 years (birth marks and other defects)

2. Preschool age: 4-7 years (protruding ears)

3 . Teenagers: 16 to 20 years (beautification for easy acceptance by peers)

4 . Adults: 20-40 years (signs of fatigue and forgotten beauty needs)

5 . Maturity age: 40-55 years (signs of wear)

6 .  65-95 years (time to do something for themselves)

It is therefore entirely understandable that plastic aesthetic surgery has no age restriction since our goal is for the concerned to feel better about hersef/himself.


The Original Medical Tourism Destination

Plastic Surgery in Greece (Hellas) is of the highest quality. Most Greek plastic surgeons are internationally certified and in close contact with their European, American and International colleagues. They participate constantly in major world scientific congresses and events. Greek plastic surgeons are among the best plastic surgeons in the world today.The surgeries are performed in our country with absolute safety, in excellent medical environment and at lower costs when compared with the rest of Europe and other countries worldwide.

They take place in modern medical facilities with highly qualified and trained medical staff. The Greek medical world is composed of excellent scientists and this is not random at all. Hippocrates, the father of medicine and also brilliant ancient sculptors and artists can still inspire the modern surgeons to provide aesthetic results of high quality.

 Dr. Ioannis Lyras is strongly associated with leading institutions of the Brazilian Plastic Surgery, such as the school of Ivo Pitanguy( father of modern plastic surgery), and the Institute in Rio de Janeiro,which for decades is probably the best in the world. This is an amazing combination which guarantees the best and safest results in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery services in Greece.

English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish speaking staff are in charge, so there is no communication problem between the doctor and the person concerned. The recovery takes place in a well-organized Aesthetic Medical Spa and Laser space.




Face lift

Face & Neck mini-lifts

Aesthetic & functional rhinoplasty (nose & septum corrections)

Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery)

Otoplasty (Ear corrections)

Threading (provisory mini face lift)

Injectable aesthetic therapies (fillers) and Bo Tox

Hair implantation surgery


Breast enlargement

Breast reduction

Breast lift

Breast reconstruction


Body contouring & Lipoaspiration (liposuction)

Classical & new (mini) abdominoplasty

Skin needling for resurfacing and skin tightening

Laser and radiofrequency treatments for the ailment of varicose veins & capillaries, acne, melasma,  hypertrichosis.  Laser treatments for skin resurfacing and laser lipolysis & correction of flaccidity in the areas of the inner thighs, arms, neck & back are also available.


Aesthetic and functional Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty is the most common plastic surgery in our country, and is often combined with chin and ear corrections and simultaneous dewlap liposuction.The nose is the center of the face and any change in shape or size can alter the expression.  What is important in the surgery design is not simply the choice of a perfect nose, but that of the perfect shape and size, that best suits the person. Thus, the design and use of digital simulation are essential tools for selecting both the shape and size. The digital simulation enables one to foresee the post surgical result (before & after image). This way the comprehension of what is expected from a plastic surgery involving this feature, and all possible options is fully understood.

Plastic surgeon
Dr. Ioannis Lyras

Plastic Surgery

Program Includes

The need for surgical intervention may concern the size or shape of the nose, or the tip only.  It may also concern the nostrils or their width.

Rhinoplasty can achieve expression intensity and excellence in form as the nose is the most dominant facial feature. The correction may involve parts of or the entire feature. The surgery involves intervention through the nostrils with small internal cuts that enable the detachment of the mucosa and also allows the surgeon to work on the bone or cartilaginous frame. The stitches used are absorbable. The operation may be performed on patients after their 18 years of age. Rhinoplasty is conducted under general anesthesia.  For smaller improvements, though, it is performed under local anesthesia.

Following surgery, nose pads are placed internally and removed the next day. Also, a cast is applied for about a week. According to the operation plan the patient may stay in the hospital overnight or may leave for home a few hours later, with post operation instructions.
The swelling and bruising that appear under the eyes,  will subside within a few days. After one week, the cast is removed and one may return to normal activities. The swelling subsides gradually.

Before surgery, the patient should be thoroughly informed on all aspects of the operation. The serenity of knowing what to expect is always important for the outcome of any intervention.
Rhinoplasty illustrates the dynamics of the newly refreshed image. The facial expression, free from malformed lines remains unchanged while confidence is boosted into new perspective.